The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa: Volume 1


1. Chinchilla Intro. #2

2. Teddy Jack Eddy's "School For Slow-Motion"

3. Teddy Jack Eddy "Gets A Haircut"

4. Rev. Dr. Menleaux Park "Potato Ministry"

5. Truck Stop Skit aka "Boots"

6. Sherman Oaks "Teentown Topics" w/ Raoul Zeltman

7. Coach Chuck w/ Teddy Jack Eddy

8. G. Ailard S. Artain "Ceiling Repair"

9. Teddy Jack Eddy's "School For Sound F/X"

10. Sherman Oaks "Teentown Topics" w/ Bubba's Boxer

11. Sherman Oaks "Teentown Topics" w/ Toby the Toe-Headed Boy

12. Closing Credits w/ Isham Jones "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever" theme

Running Time: approximately 55 minutes.

Price: $23.95 Order Vol. 1

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