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Skit Listing Volume One

  1.  Chinchilla Intro

  2.  Teddy Jack's School for Slow Motion

  3.  Teddy Jack Gets a Haircut

  4.  Dr. Menleaux Park - "Potatoe Ministry"

  5.  Truck Stop

  6.  Spicy Pictures From Outer Space

  7.  Coach Chuck with Teddy Jack Eddy

  8.  G.aiilard S.artain "Ceiling Repair"

  9.  Teddy Jack's "School for Sound FX"

10.  Sherman Oaks with Bubb's Boxer

11.  Sherman Oaks wiht Toby the Toe-Headed Boy

12.  Closing Credits.  


Volume 1 - Lost Tapes Of Mazeppa

SKU: 0002
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